Discovering Qualities of Greatness in Children and Adults


Tired of tantrums, defiant behaviors, or ADD/ADHD medicated kids who are still oppositional? 

Need parenting skills or classroom management skills that actually change things for the better permanently?

Your difficult child CAN change to become attentive, responsive, and self-disciplined when you use The Nurtured Heart Approach® to build a new relationship with her or him.

Gloria Barton is certified as an Advanced Trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA), a style of relationship-building with intense children and adults.  With NHA, you motivate them to make good choices to get the energy of your relationship.  In turn, you become energized by this positive, nurturing style of building a new, fulfilling relationship with your child.

Comments from parents/educators:

"NHA is a dynamic approach that brings joy and dignity back into parenting and teaching."

"Being a parent is hard...NHA is a game-changer for intense children and their families.  It recognizes and builds the self-worth of those who learn the approach, and moves all children and their families to be successful--in school and in relationships, where other methods have failed."

"NHA is a framework designed to help us remember how to nurture children at the depth they are craving.  The Inner Wealth they gain from relating this way compels them to want to make good choices and express who they are through their successes."


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